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Summary of Current Activities

As a statistician working in the field of clinical and epidemiological research, I've been involved in a lot of research projects. In clinical research, I'm working since several years in the cardiovascular field and in the hospital infection control. Still some work was also done in oncology, ophthalmology, dentistry and pediatric research. In epidemiological research I'm working on injury prevention, in particular I'm leading the European project "Susy Safe", a registry of choking injuries in children and on obesity and nutrition-related issues.

My statistical interests are currently (i) correlated data modeling, (ii) competing risk (iii) clinical data-mining (iv) statistical models for health economic analysis and (v) risk assessment models.

Main duties



Elected Member of the Board of the:
  • SocietÓ Italiana di Statistica Medica ed Epidemiologia Clinica SISMEC (past)

  • International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention ISCAIP

  • Member of the "International Safe Community Support" Team of the WHO program "Safe Communities".

Photo Album

Communities & Forums

Look at my new (small) online photo album filled with favorite pictures from my vacations, sporting events, and my family. I'm also involved in some nice work with great people:
  • The organization of the "Alpe Adria Young Statisticians Meeting". Get in touch with me if you want to participate!
  • The cooperation with the "Centro Prevenzione Oncologica" in Piemonte
  • The cooperation with the Clinical Trials Center at the COES (San Giovanni Battista Hospital)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the "Applied Statistics" Workshop of the Slovenian Statistical Society
  • Organizer of the "Workshop on Correlated Data Modeling Series"

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